Raunchy Truckers

A Schneider driver was broke down on the side of the road, and here comes J.B. Hunt, pulls up behind the Schneider truck gets out and walks up to the Schneider driver,

J.B: What happened driver, did you break down?

Schneider: Yeah I did

J.B. Well, I’ll give you a ride up to the next truckstop, it’s only about 15 miles up the road.

As J.B. was driving down the road, Schneider was staring out the window into the field. All of a sudden, Schneider started hollering, Pull over and stop!!!

J.B. driver wants to know what’s wrong?

Schneider: Nothing is wrong, just pull over, this will only take a few minutes.

Schneider jumps out of the truck, runs to the field, grabs a sheep, sticks it’s head into the fence, drops his pants and just starts humping the hell out of that poor old sheep.

J.B. jumps out of the truck, runs across the field, asks Schneider What the hell are you doing?

Schneider: What the hell does it look like, why do you want some J.B.?

J.B. Yeah I want some, but only if you don’t stick my head in that fence.!!!

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