Reality and Imagination

Small boy came home after the school and immediately he goes to his father.
Because the teacher was explaining in the class something about Reality and Imagination but to him it was not clear, he asks his father “can you tell me which the difference between Reality and Imagination is?” trying to be as objective as he can he reply to his sun: “go boy to your mom and your sis and tell them that a very handsome young boy asked you about them, that they are beautiful,like, he would love to share some moments alone with them but tell this to each personally and after they reply cam and tell me what they said”. Boy goes at first and after that he has don what his father asked from him, he cams back and tell to father that “mother, when she heard me what I told her, her eyes start shining and asked me about the boys name and where he lives and is he really so cool etc.” also the sister did the same, maybe she was more interested in details than mother. Than father told to the sun:
Boy, Imagination in this case is that I always thought that I have a faithful wife and a very educated daughter and Reality is that we have two sluts living in same house with us

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