What am I?

There once were 2 baby animals: One is a duck and the other a skunk. As they were walking along with their parents, a car came speeding down the road. The baby skunk and duck watched in horror as their parents were run over by the car.

Now the 2 babies were orphans. They had to stay together and help each other. Soon enough they were curious and wanted to know what kind of animals they were. They asked each other to describe their looks and tell what they were.

The skunk went first and said…”Well, you have fluffy feathers, an orange bill, and you’re white so you must be a duck!”

The duck was now happy because he knew what type of animal he was. It was the duck’s turn to describe the skunk and tell him what he was.

The duck said… “Well you’re not really black, and you’re not really white, and you stink so you must be…(INSERT ETHNIC TERM HERE)!”

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