PMS in the bible!

The minister was presenting his Sunday morning service to the congregation. He stated that everything that mankind had experienced or would ever experience was discussed or mentioned in the Bible.

After the sermon, he was shaking hands with the congregation as they filed out of the church. A woman came up to the minister and said, “Preacher, I heard your message today and I really believe that what you said is true. However in my readings of the Scripture, I have never seen any mention of PMS.”

The minister scratched his head….thought for a moment and said, “Well sister just off the top of my head I cannot think of a passage but I’m sure that it exists. See me after next week’s service and I will give you an answer.”

The next Sunday as the preacher was again shaking the hands of the leaving congregation the woman again came up to him and asked if he had in fact gotten her an answer.

The preacher said, “Yes my dear, that passage does in fact exist.” She said,”Well please tell me where PMS is mentioned in the Bible. I’ve read it many, many times and I have never seen it mentioned at all.”

Preacher says, “Its right in the book of Matthew.” She said, “No way, I’ve read that several times and its not mentioned at all!”

He said ,”It certaintly is, if you remember in the Christmas story, it states very specifically…that Mary rode Joseph’s ass all the way to Bethlehem!

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